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Drama as woman catches her husband having sex with another manA Kenya woman from Kitale town is alleged to have returned her husband and father of her four children to his matrimonial home when she caught him red handed having sex with another man at a lodging in the area.

Residents of Kisawai village were amazed by the rare incident and a close friend to the woman said that she suspected her husband was having an affair for a long time but had no prove to it.

Her husband works as a nurse in one of the hospitals in the area, and was off on the day. He however excused himself and informed her that an esteemed patient wanted to be observed and have his medical opinion at the hospital.

The woman however had set a trap for him and hired a man to follow him. The spy followed him and instead of heading towards the hospital he took a boda boda and went to a popular lodging where he called her to come to.

When she arrived the scorned woman requested for the room number and ambushed her husband though to her amazement her husband was in the room with another man.

She could not believe her eyes and stood there speechless. She proceeded to hire a taxi and asked the two men to enter the taxi amid their defense and a crowd of people who arrived to see what was happening.

The woman is said to have taken the man and his lover to the man's home and his mother was also astonished by the situation. She however ordered her husband not to return to their home.

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