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It has brought a certain charm to the tourism industries of many countries, yet has remained elusive to South Africa. Finally, it has come to our shores. Sex tourism is here.

A recent visit to the resort city of Cape Town showed how sex is slowly but certainly claiming its own space in the country’s tourism industry.

Young boys who used to spend the day toiling the streets of Cape Town selling art products are now slowly getting into the mix and joining what is now the town’s new cash cow. And it has a race dimension to it.

Elderly white ladies walking hand-in-hand with young dreadlocked black men are now a common sight. Like in most West African countries with attractive tourist resorts, sex tourism is becoming a lucrative business for South African young men here.

Cape Town is one of the flagship tourism area in South Africa where most foreign tourists visit the most. According to various sources within the resort city, male prostitution is rising significantly with some young men relinquishing their jobs to join the new profession.

These inter-racial "sexcapades" have resulted in a sudden influx of unemployed youths in the resort town who are trying their luck with female tourists, according to locals. Most of these young men are dreadlocked, as the hairstyle has become a trademark luring factor for the tourists.

Dreadlocked Sexmore Ncube told the Crazy News 24 that most marriages in the area were on the rocks as some of the tourists were going as far as taking their new lovers to their native countries.

"They like us dreadlocked people because that is the stereotype of African men they have. The mistresses prefer lodges and back-packers than hotels because the ‘catch’ will not conform to the standards of hotels," Sexmore said.

According to another dreadlocked man, Jameson Malaba, female whites hold the perceived African male stereotype that being dark complexioned, muscular and savage looking means one is sexually potent.

"Imagine you get between R2000 and R3000 for only one sexual encounter. It is good money and everyone is after them. Some have left their jobs to join the new trade. He was a taxi driver (pointing at a young dreadlocked guy) and he has quit his job to join us," Malaba said.

To the unemployed youth, the temptation of the lucrative offer outweighed the risks, even in the face of scary HIV and Aids figures. South Africa is one of the Sub Sahara Africa countries hard hit by HIV/Aids.

Over 5.2 million people are known to be living with HIV/Aids.

The high HIV/Aids prevalence rate is attributed to poverty, with South Africa estimated to have over 80 percent unemployment rate and recent human development figures by the United Nations Development Programme pegging the country at number 173 out of 183 countries in terms of economic and human development.

While it was clear that locals enter into the relationships due to the lure of the greenback, the simple desire for "satisfying sex" is driving these ladies to our shores. Malaba claimed that one Australian lady told him that she wanted an African man because they were "well endowed".

"When they come here and find us with the ‘real size’, they will not resist the temptation. Some mistresses have gone to the extent of buying tickets to their new sexual partners and this is causing havoc in marriages around here," he said.

"They need thorough sex. The whole night and we call it room service. They do not want dinner; they want satisfying sex, simple. That is why they come to us," he said.

Another dreadlocked who identified himself as Brian said some married, unemployed men were even encouraged by their wives to join the new paying trade so that they can have food on the table.

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