facebookShare on Facebook My husband and I met last year in November when I was on an overseas trip. Because we lived in different countries everything happened so fast and we ended up getting married in April this year, less than 5 months after we had met.
I gave up so much for husband and moved to his country to be with him, I quit my job which I loved and left behind all my family and friends. I do not resent him for having to do this as I loved him very much and thought that the marriage would be worth it.

A few days after our wedding I found emails that he had written to his ex-girlfriend less than 2 months before our wedding, he told her that he missed her very much and often thought about her, he also told her that she would always be a part of his life and that I (as his fiance) would have to understand that (although this was the first i'd heard of it). I become very upset about the things that he'd said and upset that he had been in contact with her behind my back. Especially since he had become incredibily angry with me when I emailed a male friend back in my home country and at the bottom of the email had written 'miss you and am thinking about you'.

When my husband saw this he became so angry that he told me I was cheating on him and that he wanted a divorce because he could not trust me, although after a few days of crying and begging he decided to give our marriage another chance.

We have now been married for 5 months and are in separate countries as I fell pregnant whilst we were living together and we decided it would be best for our unborn child in my home country as the medical care is a lot better (I am currently 5 months pregnant). I had previously obtained my husbands facebook password by accident and sometimes log in as I sometimes feel very insecure about our relationship after everything that has happened. He assures me that he is not talking to his ex-girlfriend, but when I logged in to his facebook today the chat window popped up and I saw that he has been speaking to her. He told her that he misses her and is happy to be talking to her and told her that he would phone her later. It did not seem like she was surprised by him phoning her so I assume he talks to her behind my back on the phone a lot.

I really don't know what to do, our baby is due in a few months and I am supposed to return to his country to live there once the baby is a few months old, but now I am questioning everything as he is not truthful with me. I feel like I can't tell him that I know he talks to her because then he will know that I have the password. I am very confused as after I told my male friend that I miss him, my husband told me that I was cheating on him and that if I kept talking to this person then he would divorce me. But in my opinion he has done worse than I had, as I never tried to hide my friendship from him and he tells him ex-girlfriend much more intimate things than I said to my friend.

Please help...I don't want to be a single mother, but I don't want to give up my life for someone who I can't trust.

Thank you for your help.

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