facebookShare on Facebook There is literally no positive contribution to knowing the number of men your woman has slept with

The only thing that you should be worried about is that her number doesn’t go up after you

Men, just simply don’t ask the number of s3xual partners if you cannot deal with it

The year is 2017 and women still feel the need to lie about the number of s3xual partners they have had.

In this liberated, s3x positive-age, more women are having casual s3x but they are still not admitting it

A friend recounted to me how her boyfriend had brought up “the talk”. They were having a quiet dinner in the house when, out of the blue, he asked her how many s3xual partners she has had.

She described to me how he recoiled in horror when she said five. Her boyfriend thought five s3xual partners are way too many for a woman in her mid twenties.
Then my friend divulged to me that she had actually lied to him and she has in fact slept with nine men in her life.

Seeing how he was horrified to learn she has slept with five guys, she wondered what his reaction would have been if she had told him the truth.

 She told me she felt ‘slut-shamed’. Ironically, when he same question was posed to him, he said six and he felt that six was an appropriate number of s3xual partners for a man his age (he is also in his mid-twenties).

Sadly, the old double standard of a man who has had a lot of s3xual partners being a ‘ladies’ man’ and a woman who has had a lot of s3xual partners being a ‘slut’ is still alive. This is the reason why women feel compelled to lie about their number.

Women are still afraid of being perceived as sluts. My friend is just one of the many women who under-report the number of s3xual partners they have had to their significant others. Men, on the other hand, have been known to inflate the number of their s3xual partners.

Some people argue that the double standard exists because of the very nature of the sexes. Apparently, men are biologically programmed to seek several mates while women are programmed to be more selective in order to be seen as more viable life-long partners.

With all the s3x education that is out there, there are still men who believe that the vagina somehow gets ‘damaged’ or ‘wears out’ when a woman has slept with too many guys.

Quite a number of men are still of the opinion that being intimate with a woman who has slept with a lot of men counts less than having s3x with a woman who has not had much experience in the bedroom.

A few insecure men also worry that because their girlfriends have had a lot of s3xual partners, they have a greater number of lovers to compare their skills with.

I understand the curiosity about your significant others ‘number’ but what are you really gaining by knowing that your girlfriend has slept with five men?

 There is literally no positive contribution to knowing that. You don’t need to know, especially if you are going to use it to shame her.

If you know that you are going to look at her differently if she has slept with more than a certain number of men then simply don’t ask.

 The only thing that you should be worried about is that her number doesn’t go up after you. It shouldn’t matter if you are her third of her tenth s3xual partner as long as she doesn’t add a number four or eleven while you are with her.

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