I feel like my husband is not sexually attracted to me and I know it’s not because he's cheating. I am a newlywed but it feels like we have been married for years, even though it’s only been seven months.

We have both been stressed about financial issues. It really bothers him that he can’t give me the world and that we didn't get a honeymoon, but I have told him I’m okay as long as we work through this together.

As the financial issues bother him

Research shows that the best way your woman can apologise to you and make amends for a mistake is to seduce you

Studies have shown that women apologise more than men on average. Well, ladies, a new study reveals s3x may be the most effective way to fix things.

However, the research found that emotional commitment and communication is the best way to resolve conflict – although, how this is done in the relationship differs for men and women.

Lead researcher T Joel Wade of Bucknell

How long s3x lasts for you and your partner probably varies; it may depend on how many glasses of wine you’ve had, how emotionally connected you are, how strong the desire to be with one another is or whether it’s make-up s3x (that’s the best, isn’t it?).

In a previous interview with DESTINY, s3xologist Dr Eve explained that good s3x can lead to elevated levels of confidence.
"When someone feels happy with the s3x they are having, they tend to feel better about

There is a reaction to every action; most ladies are naturally cautious and it would be a lie to think most of them do not think or assume men would want to sleep with them the very first time they visit them.
As a result of this, women also devise methods that would protect them as much as possible so the guys would not sleep with them on the first date. Having s3x’ may be inevitable in that relationship at the long run, but women are able to prolong the abstinence for as long as

I am not a loose woman. I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn't want to lose him. I just did what I had to do to save my marriage even though I feel guilty sometimes.
It was not easy but I slept with my driver so that I could give my husband a child, but instead, God gave me twins, a boy and a girl...
I was married to Philip for eight years. We had no child. "The worst was that I never got pregnant even for a day." His mother became so impatient that she

I am in a relationship 4yrs on. My girl has cheated on me more than once before she told me about it, promising not to repeat it again. I love her so much desiring to settle down with her, this i told her many times. I assisted her through school inspite of the fact she doesn't allow me touch her as much i wanted to, claiming it's a sin.
Now, she went serving last year in the north, initially everything was fine, later on she started misbehaving. One night i called her and she told

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  Georgia — Leave her...
  Keketso — Leave her bro...

No matter how wealthy a husband is, the wife should also earn her own money.

Whether through employment, or business.
Whether she earns more money than him, she needs to earn her own money for the following reasons:

1. "To tame the husband"
Men often cheat and feel like they can get away with cheating on a woman who has no financial muscle. These men who cheat know that the woman can do nothing without him and so she will stay home with the child/children regardless of how

My husband of 11 years has saved my name as 'Bitch' on his mobile phone.

I have persevered a torrent of verbal abuses and physical assaults since the sixth month after our church wedding. Being a staunch Christian, I cannot stand being referred to using such derogatory names.
Moreover, he has assaulted me physically – in the presence of our two children. Can verbal and physical abuse be grounds of either divorce or separation?

Ladies, can you answer calls to your man's phones? Assuming he was preoccupied and got a text message on his phone, would he let you read it out to him?

If you answered no to these questions, you are in a relationship with a boy, masquerading as a real, grown man. Listen up: Boys lock their phones or hide it when they are around their girlfriends.
A real man doesn't put a password on his phone and will happily hand it over to his woman on request. If your boyfriend has a password

It's been 8 months since I got married through an arranged set-up. My wife is an educated, working professional, born and brought up in Limpopo.
My problem begins with the fact that we don't share physical proximity. She says that she doesn't feel strongly for me. I do understand that a person involved in an arranged marriage takes time to open up and therefore, I decided to give her time to develop feelings but guess, that didn't help. Whenever, we try to have sex, it turns

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  Kwunume — a sex therapist will be a better option....

Dear Readers,

I am 30-year-old male, born and brought up in Lusaka. My problem is that I find it really hard to socialize and I can only carry on a good conversation with selected people. Also, I find it difficult to control my sexual desire since I am a virgin with no experience with girls whatsoever, not even a kiss.
I feel like I have missed out on a lot of fun in life. And now, I have reached a point in life where most of my friends are married or have girlfriends.

Every day I feel

A woman's confession on Facebook has gone viral. The woman wrote :

Last year, everything started going downhill. My husband divorced me, I couldn't afford the rent on my apartment anymore, and I couldn't manage the deposit for even a cheap apartment. Then the convenience store I worked at shut down. My son Jimmy and I started to live in my car.
My old boss Mr B., who had always seemed the nicest guy in the world, gave me a few bucks to tide me over, but it ran out. I went for

Dear South Africans,

Please hide my I.D.
  I'm a Jo'burg businesswoman and university graduate aged 33. I'm doing quite well I should admit. I have never been married and I would always encounter problems with all my boyfriends upon reaching advanced stages of marriage. Something small would just happen just before marriage and the relationship would permanently collapse.

Now I'm looking for a man, preferably light in complexion who is HIV negative whom I

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  Roque Mambo — I'm willing to help you without any cost u just contact me...
  John — Yes I'm light in complection also Im willing to help you without payment 263774620474...
  Mateus Mario — I can offer without payment I really need a child as well - +263772248897...

Dear Mr President​,

We live in an age where leadership is needed; an age where leadership can be both dangerous and beautiful.
South Africa finds herself in a predicament: Her people have to question the present leadership – the man democratically selected as the president of the Republic of South Africa.

As South Africans, we are unified by an undying potential that bonds us all – a potential so great and bound to succeed, that if we cooperatively and proactively

Although it sounds easy, spotting virgins can sometimes be quite difficult. With girls, unless directly inspected, it is almost impossible to tell. Behaviourally, non-virgin and virgin girls aren’t all that different. While girls that are flirtacious or act slutty are certainly not virgins; shy and quiet girls are often not virgins either (especially if they are attractive). With guys, while there is no physical indicator of se xual intercourse, there are several behavioural clues which
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