My husband and I met last year in November when I was on an overseas trip. Because we lived in different countries everything happened so fast and we ended up getting married in April this year, less than 5 months after we had met.
I gave up so much for husband and moved to his country to be with him, I quit my job which I loved and left behind all my family and friends. I do not resent him for having to do this as I loved him very much and thought that the marriage would be worth it.

A few
I wish I never married such a man.

After 3 years of getting married to my husband, I wish I could roll back the hands of time.
My name is Elizabeth, and my whole life changed when I got married to my husband.

The truth is, before marriage I and my man never made love, he never had s3x with me. He always told me that we should wait until after we are legally married.

Unfortunately, I never knew that he was avoiding me because his manhood was really, really small and he cannot
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  Kwunume — but we where told size of the penis does not Mather, you should not humiliate him instead sit him down and discuss the issue as a couple....
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We know how it is. You’d been talking to him for a few weeks, and he suddenly went quiet. It was upsetting and you’d just like to know why. In this article, Beauty and Tips provides some possible answers.

For the first few weeks, things were going great. You guys were texting loads – perhaps even every day – and then all of a sudden, right out of the blue, he just went dark. He stopped replying altogether. Annoying! It happens. It’s frustrating, but it

1. “Everyone is doing it”
No! Not everyone is having an affair. There is a huge percentage of faithful lovers you just choose to ignore that percentage to justify your selfish ways.
2. “We’ll use protection”
Protection is more than using a condom. Protection is guarding your partner from the pain of your unfaithfulness, guarding what is between your legs because it belongs to one alone.

3. “One last time”
Only jokers use this line. If you
There is literally no positive contribution to knowing the number of men your woman has slept with

The only thing that you should be worried about is that her number doesn’t go up after you

Men, just simply don’t ask the number of s3xual partners if you cannot deal with it
The year is 2017 and women still feel the need to lie about the number of s3xual partners they have had.

In this liberated, s3x positive-age, more women are having casual s3x but they are still not
A short while ago my husband of over 20 years started shaving or trimming his pubic hair, 1 time he even left a little landing strip like he likes on me. I told him that I don't like it and think its gay. Recently I found out hat he has been wearing my panties when he is home alone, always my sexy see through thongs.
I suspected someone in my panty drawer and took careful notice if they were disturbed, on confronting him he admitted to wearing them, it was a huge fight with him very
If you’ve ever felt like your girlfriend's friends know too much about your relationship, you’re right. And that’s because when it comes to s3x talk, it’s a group activity for women. And we get into it. Deep.
Partly because as much as you might think that you talk enough about s3x as a couple, you probably don't. According to studies by Canadian researcher E. Sandra Byers, rates of self-disclosure about sexual dislikes were particularly low. According to her
We’d love to all think we’re in top form when it comes to getting up close and personal to someone, but the truth is, life happens: Sometimes you or your partner will have a smell going on that may get in the way and is a potential turnoff for you or your sexual partner.
The genital area has many sebaceous and apocrine glands, which make oil and sweat. It's also an area that can get overheated under layers of clothes and underwear, all of which can lead to bacterial growth
It happens when you least expect it. You're with someone you love with every fiber of your being, and you go about your life normally.

Then someone new comes into your life. It could be a new person at work, someone you meet when you’re traveling, or some random situation, but you feel something you shouldn’t shouldn't feel — because you’re already in love.
It starts with simply talking, but as this person is speaking to you, something inside of you is
For as much as women will claim that men are liars and you can’t trust a man as far as you can see him.  

You could say the same for women.  Women lie about everything, everyday, as many chances they can get.  They probably lie more than men.  Women lie as if their lies don’t matter.  A man will lie about where he is, but a woman will lie about who she was with.  In her opinion, his lie was worse.  
The thing that really baffles me is that
I was talking with a friend and she told me something very interesting. Something that was so interesting I figured I would share it with you all … my family.
She decided to explain to me the two things that women need. I asked “only two things … you gotta be kidding me”. She admitted “I can’t speak for everybody … but it only takes two things for a man to keep me happy”. My interest had been piqued at this point and I lean into the phone. I
Ladies, what’s up? It’s me. So, the fellas have been talking about a touchy subject and everyone is acting shook to discuss it openly. You know I usually don’t get roasted so I can take chances with certain topics have an excellent rapport with you, and we communicate well with one another. Having said that, we have to have a dose of real talk. Men have heard about women “faking it” during sex. Some men think this is myth. Others take it seriously. Some even have
So, should women carry condoms? Or do they already? Whose responsibility is it to provide the protection? Why the hell are only 33% of singles using condoms?
I was participating in such a debate a few weeks ago. It is important to protect oneself through whatever means necessary, but I don’t want to spend today debating how safe condoms are or are not. I think we’re all mature and intelligent enough to know that abstinence is the only full proof means of preventing pregnancies
Image result for cheating black man  I just want to know why men cheat after begging a woman to take them back? And does he think that because she took him back that she’ll put up with it?
My coworker was telling us about an argument he had with the mother of his baby in which he ended by telling her that he’s not changing. I could see where her anger was coming from to a degree, I mean he did cheat on her so she was expecting him to be grateful that she took him back, but women’s
Image result for cheating black man
This is what a mistress has to say about cheating men, and why they cheat over and over!
Why do men cheat over and over? We’ve previously considered the fact that it might be genetic and we’ve also taken a closer look at some scientific reasons behind repeated infidelity. Now, let’s see what a woman who’s been the ‘other woman’ has to say on the matter.

Single mom and mistress Susan Jay (not her real name) recounts her experiences
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