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Imagine climbing into bed with your significant other for a night of passionate freaking only to keel over dead at the end of it all. Believe it or not, people often die during s ex and, more often than not, it's a result of sheer stupidity, and maybe some alcohol. Some fall to their deaths while trying to change into doggy-style, others gulp down a bottle of Viagra, thus inducing a heart attack.

Here is a list of 10 people who died during se.x:

1. A man who wanted to see sparks fly between he and his wife...literally.
Kinky s ex can kill you. It's happened before. 27 year old Kristen Taylor, a Pennsylvania woman, died after her husband Toby electrocuted her nipples with a pair of electric clamps. It was one of many times the couple had used electricity during intercourse. In their last moments together, however, Toby shocked Kristen for a few seconds too long, sending her into cardiac arrest. Originally, Toby told authorities his wife had shocked herself while reaching for the hair dryer from inside the shower. But, he eventualy revealed that sometimes he and the Missus just liked to feel some sparks while doing the dirty.

2. A pope. No surprises there.
Apparently, Pope John XII wasn't a very good pope. In fact, he used to hit on women all the time, and when they rejected him, he would often force himself on them. There's a story out there that says Pope John XII actually died of a stroke while sleeping with a woman by the name of Stefanetta. What likely happened is that while the two were getting it on, Stefanetta's husband walked in on them and murdered Pope John XII on the spot.

3. A man who had six wives - "Raped to death"
Jealousy kills, and sometimes polygamy can work against you. A Nigerian man Uroko Onoja who had six wives learned this the hard way in July 2012. He was spending some quality bonking time with his youngest wife when his five other wives descended on him. With knives and sharped sticks, the jealous five demanded he have s ex with them too. While this orgy may sound like a dream come true, Onoja ended up dropping dead before the last wife got her turn.

4. Another Pope
It must not be easy being a pope. After he died, there were people who ran around telling people Pope Paul II was sodomized to death by a page boy. Ouch.

5. The legendary Attila the Hun
It's true. Attila the Hun, the great ruler of the Huns, is also said to have died for s exual reasons. Legend has it, after Attila married the beautiful Ildico, he actually choked to death, stunned over how beautiful his new wife looked. Other stories suggest that even Attila the Hun, who was probably a sucker for S&M, had his nose broken by his wifey in the middle of some rough intercourse. He then bled to death.

6. A chick who thought having s ex near the home of a pride of lions would be a good idea.
A Zimbabwe woman, Sharai Mawera, was mauled to death while having s ex with her boyfriend near the roaming grounds of a pride of lions. Her boyfriend survived because he fled naked, while putting on just a condom.
7. A former French president who enjoyed fellatio.
Apparently, fellatio can be fatal. A former French president, Felix Faure allegedly died after summoning his mistress Marguerite Steinheil into his chambers. Though no one knows for sure what happened before his death, rumor has it Faure died from a sudden seizure that struck while Steinheill was going down on him.

8. A couple who decided to do it in the car
A Milwaukee couple was found dead in a 1978 Cutlass, which was parked inside a closed garage. They were apparently going for a ride inside of the car before the two died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

9. A bouncer who thought he was smooth
Condor Club is most famous for opening in 1964 as the first topless bar in the world. Today you can get a drink called "Sex on the Piano," but you'll be shocked to find out how the beverage got its name. It actually alludes and pays homage to a horrible death that happened in 1983. Jimmy Ferrozzo, a bouncer at the club, decided to lay his girlfriend, Theresa Hill, down for some late night lovin' after closing the club one night. They were doing it on the club's baby grand piano, which would be lowered from the ceiling every day while the topless dancers did their thing on top of it. The couple ended up accidentally activating the lift, hauling the piano toward the ceiling. Ferrozzo was crushed to death, while Hill lie trapped beneath him.

10. A man who got it in for 12 hours.
A Russian man, Sergey Tuganov, thought it would be a smart idea to bet two women $4,300 USD that he could have s ex for 12 hours straight. The crazy thing is, Tuganov actually ended up winning the wager after gulping down a bottle of Viagra pills. Minutes after he won the bet, however, homeboy died from a heart attack. What a way to go out.

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