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BIZZARE: Woman pictured falls sick on the 15th of every month

SA: For the past 11 years, on the 15th of every month Lebo Mogano (39) of Phomolong in Mamelodi East is sick for a week. During that week she cannot eat or walk. 
Her whole body aches. Lebo, who lives with her boyfriend, Willy…
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Man confesses to having snake that has se_x with wife and daughter

ZIMBABWE: A VILLAGER from Sigola area in Matabeleland South begged Witch hunters to burn his snake which has so far claimed the lives of his wife and daughter.
According to Amos Mnkandla’s confession, the snake had se_x with his late wife Emily Ngwenya and…
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Man decides to bonk his car after getting tired of begging women for sex

Police in Ohio, were called after a man was spotted having sex with a van. 
Police arrested the man on a charge of public indecency after people saw him exposed and "violating" a parked van, according to Dayton police.
Police believe that 35-year-old Michael William Henson,…
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Man hires strippers to dance around coffin at boring funeral to spice things up

The family members of a deceased elderly man in China, were shocked to see strippers entering the funeral home and dancing next to the coffin.
A video of the performance was uploaded to the Internet, where it went viral.
The video shows two scantily clad women…
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Man scans his private parts at self-checkout counter of supermarket

A man was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure after he allegedly scanned his private parts at the self-checkout counter of a supermarket, according to police in Washington.
East Precinct officers arrested the man on Wednesday night, after he flashed employees at the…
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