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Man with two wives lives in one roomed house,makes them take turns to sleep outside

wo Harare women, who are in a polygamous marriage take turns to sleep in their one-roomed house, with the other sleeping outside whenever their shared husband is home.
This matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court yesterday, when Gracious Zwanda made an…
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Man drinks poison after wife did not allow him to go to concert

A man was jailed for drinking poison after his wife did not allow him to go to a concert. 
The man of Gokwe, Zimbabwe, swallowed pesticides after his wife blocked him from attending the concert of singer Alick Macheso. 
25-year-old Ismael Miti tried to commit suicide after…
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Husband beats up his seven wives because they refused to have sex with him at...

A husband was arrested on a charge of assault after beating up two of his seven wives because they refused to have sex with him at the same time, police in Zimbabwe said.
Now, 37-year-old Shepherd Kayawe of Chinamhora, has been ordered to pay…
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Woman breast feeds her own father to ‘prolong’ his life

A woman of the United Kingdom, claims that breastfeeding her father has prolonged his life.
40-year-old Helen Fitzsimmons said that she gave her breast milk to her father so he can live longer.
Fitzsimmons of Cheltenham, claims that her breast milk gave her dying father an…
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Bride dumps groom on wedding day and marries someone else because groom did not build...

A bride in India, canceled her wedding on the wedding day after learning that her groom failed to build her a toilet that he promised before the engagement.
After canceling her wedding, the 25-year-old woman of Lucknow, got married to another man who promised…
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