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Woman puts dog feces on boyfriend's bed because he went on vacation without her

A man who returned home from a vacation, was shocked to find dog feces on his bed, police in Georgia said.

The man of Athens, said that he went on the vacation in order to be with his son.

 When he returned home on Monday,…

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Jealous woman stabs her husband's younger wife because she was always having sex with him

A jealous woman used an axe to attack her husband’s younger wife because she managed to have sex with her man all the time, police in Zimbabwe said.

Gutu Police said that 35-year-old Alice Makohomero of Takawira, committed suicide after hitting 20-year-old Teriza…

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Woman gives birth to twins two months apart

A mother who was pregnant with twins, gave birth to them two months apart.

The woman of Romania, gave birth to twin girls almost two months apart, in what doctors described as a "miracle.”
The 41-year-old woman gave birth to her first child in November,…

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Groom arrested after forgetting his bride’s name

A groom in the United Kingdom, was arrested after he did not remember the name of his bride.

The arrest unfolded just a few minutes before exchanging vows.

Authorities were alerted to the couple's sham marriage and they were both arrested. Investigators said that…

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Teen chops off his hand to get rid of Internet addiction

A teen chopped off his hand before checking himself into a hospital in order to get rid of Internet addiction, doctors in China said.

The 19-year-old man Nantong, Jiangsu, who was identified as Little Wang, was hospitalized after leaving a note for his…

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