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Company creates first spray on condom for women and men

A company based in New York, announced plans to sell a spray on condom that works for women and men.

A design student has developed the new condom called Girlplay, which can be sprayed onto the private parts using an aerosol spray can.


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Criminal eats his fingertips in police car to avoid being fingerprinted

A criminal who was arrested, ate the skin off his fingers in an attempt to avoid being identified.

Then man of Florida, was seen on video ripping off the skin of his fingers as he sat in a patrol car to avoid being…

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Japanese guy got the shock of his life after seeing girlfriend without make up(PHOTOS)

Remember the Japanese girl who shocked her boyfriend after revealing her bare face to him on Christmas Day?

It was earlier reported that the guy had been boasting about his partner's 'natural beauty', until he saw her without makeup. He then circulated…

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Groom sues bride for not looking pretty without make-up, Demands $20,000 damages for shocking him

An Algerian groom took his bride to court just a day after their marriage, accusing her of not looking as pretty as before the wedding and of cheating him with much make-up.

The groom, who is seeking $20,000 damages, told court in the…

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Chinese Parents buy kids clothes printed with swear words because they don't understand English

Parents are snapping up clothing for their kids covered in inappropriate language - because they don't understand what it says.

The clothing, shown here with sayings like, "$ex for money" and "too drunk to f***", are being worn by children as young as…

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