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Boy becomes human magnet after suffering electric shock

 A young boy of Russia, who almost died from an electric shock, turned into a human magnet.

12-year-old Nikolai Kryaglyachenko said that it all began while walking home from school one day.

He stopped to lean against a street light. Unfortunately, the lamppost had a…

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Woman killls her 4 husbands and 3 boyfriends

A woman is accused of killing seven men for their money.

The 67-year-old woman of Japan, was arrested on suspicion of having poisoned her latest husband with cyanide.

Now, the Kyoto Police have arrested the woman and said that six of her former partners…

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Woman to drive to South Pole on tractor

'The world needs people who are a little crazy like this'

Dutch adventurer Manon 'Tractor Girl' Ossevoort is setting out to fulfil a decade-long dream of chugging her way to the South Pole.
After driving a tractor the length of Africa, Dutch adventurer Manon…

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Man sends ex-girlfriend 'live' chicks in mail, wanted to prove there are lots of chicks...

A woman was taken by surprise when she received mail from the postman. Someone has sent her 15 live chickens.

She did not have to wonder for long as to who had sent the chicks. A note accompanying the chicks contained some 'crude…

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Man buys 99 iPhone 6s to propose to girlfriend and she still says ' NO'

In one of the craziest of proposals, a man in China bought  99 iPhone 6s worth $82,000 and displayed them in the shape of a heart.

But, all those iPhones were not enough. The girl said, ‘No’, reported

The man reportedly spent his two…

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